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Festival 2016

Wed. 15.9.2016

Wildlife Vaasa Festival 2016-Overview

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Back on track under a new “roof”


Almost 2 years have past since we gathered together for Wildlife Vaasa 2014 and although it's only a moment in time, much has happened to our world, including our festival as it’s organizing responsibility was transferred from the Ostrobothniam museum to Vaasa Culture Center which operates under Vaasa Library Services.

The 8th International Nature Film Competiton and Juries

This year, we have received a total of 922 films from over 80 countries, which has surpassed all our expectations as we witnessed also an immense improvement in the standard quality of wildlife cinematography due to the approach and the advancement in filmic technology. Therefore, competition among participants has never been as fierce. All 922 cinematographic presentations submitted this year regardless of their duration and content were viewed and awarded a fair assessment by a panel of judges whom are professional filmmakers and academics. Such work is not an easy task but a never-ending marathon race against time which lasts for months. Therefore, a BIG THANK YOU to all of them for their great accomplishment.


The Finalists and Special Award Nominees

From all these films submitted, 218 films from 58 countries were selected as candidates for further consideration. Each of these films they are winners in their own terms as they are high quality films representing less than 25% of the total number of the films submitted this year. But as the competition process has to go on only 110 films reached its final stage; 60 as finalists of the festival’s 5 main categories and 50 more films selected as special award nominees for 5 special awards. These films are assessed by the International Jury Members who have already started previewing them and who will come to Vaasa in the last days of September to select the winners of this year’s festival.

The Film Screenings


Meanwhile, during the festival days 180 films from 58 countries with a viewing time of 90 hours will be screened in public over a 5 day period at the following venues: Vaasa city library's Drama Hall from 10am to 8pm and The Culture House Fanny where the award ceremony will take place on Sat. October 1st, from 10am to 11pm.

At Vaasa city library's Drama Hall we will present non-stop daily programs divided to 2-3 hours sub-programs with continental themes such as: Australia, Africa and The Americas (on wed. 28.9) , Asia, Africa and Europe (on thu. 29.9) Science and Nordic (on fri. 30.9), The Americas, Asia and Australia (on sat. 1.10) and finally the Festival Winners on Sunday 2.10.

Screenings 2016 FI DRAMA final web FINAL


At The Culture House Fanny the screening programs will be similar in structure but more interactive as more than 30 attending film makers will be present to speak about the making of them and interact with their audiences. The screening programs at Culture House Fanny will include: Asia, Europe, Underwater, Africa and America (on wed. 28.9) Energy films, Conservation and Nordic films (on thu. 29.9), The Americas, Underwater, Conservation, Films about Climate change Natural History and Science (on fri. 30.9) The Americas, Natural History, Conservation and Science films (on sat. 1.10) and finally Underwater, Conservation, Natural History, Short and Ethnographic nature films on (sun. 2.10) Open air shows will be shown weather allowing at the backyard of the Culture House Fanny (on wed. 28.9 and on thu.29.9 at 9 pm)

Screenings 2016 FI FANNY final web


All screenings are opened to everyone with a free entrance therefore we offer our audiences a unique opportunity to attend an event full of high quality entertainment and most importantly environmental awareness.

SCHOOL SCREENINGS will take place before and after the festival has concluded.


screenings at school



In addition, the festival will host also special events for example Film makers presentations – Forum discussions – Cycling and Cultural tours around Vaasa – 2 photographic exhibitions and 2 open air screening shows (weather allowing) that week. Other special events during the festival days include:

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Two unique field trips are scheduled during the festival – first one to Söderfjärden – a 500 million year old meteorite crater home to the majestic Eurasian crane and a second one to the Kvarken archipelago a Unesco World heritage area.

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Welcome to Vaasa Wildlife Film Festival in 2016!

The Vaasa Wildlife film Festival is a unique event and only occurs bi-annually, it is an event where film makers, delegates, producers, officials and the general public congregate to meet and greet each other in a warm and friendly atmosphere – Therefore we would like to welcome everybody to join our festival and celebrate together Nature in Style!


On behalf of Vaasa City's Culture Centre and the festival Team

Ilias Missyris, culture coordinator, festival producer


Mon 29.8.2016




Fri. 15.7.2016



wildlife logo 4v


List of Finalists and Special Award nominees


Mon. 10.7.2016


Wildlife Vaasa Festival 2016 chart

The List of Finalists and Special Award nominees will be published here on Friday July 15th.

Participant filmmakers will be notified also through e-mail. Thank you very much for your patience and co-operation.

The Festival team


Mon. 6.6.2016


Wildlife 2

Download Wildlife Vaasa Festival 2016-List of Participant Films.pdf

Here come our selection results, after our deadline for submissions expired on June 1st. This year, Vaasa Wildlife Festival welcomes in its competition 218 films from 54 countries, submitted by 150 production organizations. These films were pre-selected to participate in our festival this year, after we received a total of 922 submissions from 83 countries, a new record for our festival and far beyond our expectations.

Welcome to Wildlife Vaasa Festival in 2016!

Kurkkirannikolla Eero Murtomäki 07.  E1M1315


Wildlife Vaasa Festival located on the West Coast of Finland is held every second year. Since its conception in 2002, it has grown in stature receiving commendation from participants, delegates, media and the public world-wide. Successful implementation of previous festivals has broadened its co-operation network worldwide. On a local and regional level, the development of a media education project during the last 8 years, produced 32 films in co-operation with schools and youth groups in the region. Finally, , international festival co-operation, screening events, the establishment of a supporting association and the management and maintenance of our digital archives, are currently our active festival projects. Since 2002, Wildlife Vaasa festival was organized by the Ostrobothnian museum and Terranova Nature Center.

From January 1st 2016, the festival's organizing responsibility was transferred to the Culture Center of Vaasa City.


Kulttuurikeskus LOGO


Wildlife Vaasa 2016 will take place in Vaasa from 28th September to 2nd October 2016. 

Welcome to participate!



The VIII International Nature Film Competition

With the aim to arouse the public's awareness, as well as to participate in a global dialogue, Wildlife Vaasa 2016 encourages submission of recent films (2013 and later) that present aspects of Natural History, Science and The Environment.The festival this time calls specially for films focusing on GLOBAL WARMING and ENERGYrelated issues.


Award categories:

1.               NATURAL HISTORY


3.               NORDIC FILMS (INCL. FINNISH)

4.               SHORT FILMS (<20')

5.               SCIENCE FILMS

The festival will once more nominate also films for SPECIAL AWARDS  


Deadline for Entries: Wed. June 1st 2016 



Wildlife Vaasa 2016 will organize a program of screenings from the best Children & Youth films that took part in the festival during the last 10 years. Moreover school screenings will be organized before and after the festival days.









Who can enter?
Film companies, TV companies, production companies, independent producers, filmmakers, festivals, TV- broadcasters and journalists, newcomers and established professionals are all welcome to participate in Wildlife Vaasa 2016 festival.

Entry fees? No entry fees or delegate fees are required for Wildlife Vaasa festival.

Which Programmes Qualify?
Entries produced after January 2013 may qualify in the competition: These productions must include a nature theme in their content. Interaction between human and nature, natural science related films are also welcome to participate.

Entries must have been produced, co-produced or commissioned by the submitting organisation.

All though all languages are accepted at Wildlife Vaasa Festival, however, non-English productions must either be subtitled or narrated in English. Films nominated as finalists must be subtitled or provided with an English language version (subtitles or English narration) with an exception to Finnish and Nordic productions who can be submitted in Finnish or Swedish (competing in their own categoriy 3)

A production synopsis for each program submitted is required (100 words maximum). The festival organisers reserve the right to edit these synopses.

Award Category
Participants may like to indicate the award category for which he/she would like the programme to be considered. However, it is up to the festival Juries to decide for which award category the entry might qualify.

Format - Film/Video
Each entry must be accompanied with a preview copy of the film which can be sent (file transfer) in HD file-format (.mov, .avi, .mp4, or by post in DVD-R (PAL) format. Preview material is non-returnable. Finalists and Special award nominees will be required to submit one more DVD- show copy or a BluRay Disc of their qualified program for screening purposes.

While sponsorship may be acknowledged, deliberate advertising is not permitted.

The award-winner
If a production company wins an award it is up to the company to determine who will be the recipient.


Copyright issues

Submitting to Wildlife Vaasa 2016 you are simultaneously agreed to:

PERMIT entries to be shown in our venues in conjunction with the festival, without any charge to the festival organizers.

PERMIT the closed circuit playback of entries for delegates, potential buyers, journalists, experts or other persons welcomed by the festival; All entries shall be available for free viewing at the festival’s video library.

PERMIT the festival to keep a DVD copy of each programme for archive and educational non-profit purposes at Terranova Nature Centre and for screenings at schools during the school-screening periods.

PERMIT the festival to include the data of the program into Wildlife Vaasa Nature Film Database

Please inform the festival if you permit the use of a max. 3 min excerpt of the qualified programs for promotion through social media (Facebook, Youtube) and potential TV -broadcasting purposes during the festival days.



 Dear Participant,  please note:

  • Preview material must reach us by Wed. June 1st 2016
  • Please use a separate form for each entry and please ensure that all details are accurate. The information given will be re-produced and may be used for publicity purposes.
  •  on-line registration from our festival’s website: and press/media kits by e-mail , file transfer service to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by post/courier services to our post address below:


Post address :       Wildlife Vaasa 2016-INTERNATIONAL Nature Film Festival
                               att. Ilias Missyris
                               Vaasan Kulttuurikeskus-Kulturcentrum-Culture Centre

                               Kirjastonkatu 13, 1st floor

                               65100 Vaasa – Finland


For further information please contact:

Ilias Missyris, festival producer
tel: +358 400 800 302
email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You can find us also on Facebook: 


Thank you for your interest in submitting your programs for consideration!



The Festival Team

Wildlife Team 2014



Final Report 2014 (In Finnish)

Final Report 2014 (In Swedish)

Final Report 2014 (In English)

Award criteria



Wildlife Vaasa Festival’s jury members look for these qualities with the following criteria:

1. The story line - the meaning and message – what is the filmmaker trying to say

2. The presentation of the film -  the rhythm, pace and flow

3. Technical attributes-Photography - Sound track - Editing - how the film is assembled

4. The quality of the narration and subtitles - how they match, what is seen and heard

5.  Authenticity - Natural history films are predominantly fact thus, all statements made should be true 

6.  Educational and entertainment value – what does the film have to offer that is new?


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